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Super Omega Runner

As said before the Super Omega Runner game is pretty much complete, I've released it to 3 people only so far for a reason, there are still things I forgot to fix or things that need to be fixed in the game so I have few people play it. it will have five levels
1: Trap Valley
2: Silent Winter
3: Water Apocolypse
4: Candy Hell
5: Omega Castle of Hell!
Each of these (Except 1) will have their own unique boss and characters, when you come to level 2 you will recieve a Lollipop upgrade that will allow you to throw lollipops, which only are used for bosses and a few other things. So far I had to fix the game about 4 times, and that has been really embarrassing and a pain. So once the game is fixed, and ready to go I'll release it to you all. I'll even make a trailer of it soon!

- Posted by SteamingBullet on September 25th, 2011, 11:19 am    -   0 comments

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